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A world where the kangaroo is globally respected and is free to live without fear of persecution, exploitation and displacement.


To bring global respect, peace and protection to the kangaroo through education, advocacy and inspiration.

"Thank you for loving kangaroos."

- Mr Boo, CEO, Red Box Wildlife Shelter

When Mr Boo came into Nikki and Scott’s full time care as a young orphaned joey, and they were able to experience first hand the incredible nature and intelligence of kangaroos, a commitment was made to do everything in their power to protect them. A commitment they live by every day at Red Box Wildlife Shelter. 

With a property devoted entirely to native bushland and dedicated to wildlife, Red Box Wildlife Shelter focuses on rescuing, rehabilitating, raising and releasing native animals in need. Their primary focus is the Eastern Grey Kangaroo however they do take in all wildlife and move them onto specialist carers if needed.

Red Box Wildlife Shelter is an Registered Charity with the ACNC (Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission).  We are so grateful for every donation made to Red Box Wildlife Shelter which enables us to continue to provide ongoing care and rehabilitation for orphaned, injured and sick wildlife. Operating as a Not For Profit Charity we do not receive any Government funding so we rely entirely on the generosity of people just like you.

Your support makes a world of difference

Help us continue to provide ongoing rehabilitation and care of kangaroos by donating today. Your donation will go directly to funding vital food, medicine and veterinarian treatment required to provide the best level of care.

The story of a mother… written by Nikki Medwell, Founder – Red Box Wildlife Shelter