Our Board

Mr Boo

CEO and Co-Founder

Mr Boo was the very first kangaroo rehabilitated at Red Box Wildlife Shelter. Little Boo was found one chilly morning standing helpless next to his mother’s lifeless body.  She had been shot. Boo who weighed just 1800 grams and was too young to hop, would have had no chance of survival had he not been rescued that day. Mr Boo is now a young 5 year old buck that after returning from adventures further afield, has made his original stomping ground home. Here he leads a small mob of hand raised kangaroos from care to true freedom. Inspired by Mr Boo and his incredible intelligence, trust, strength and devotion to his mob, Nikki wanted to share Boo’s story with others in the hope that it would inspire compassion and understanding in her community for these amazing, unique animals.  

Nikki Medwell

Board Chair and Co-Founder

Nikki quit her managerial role with a not-for-profit company based in Melbourne Australia after heading to rural Victoria to create Australia’s first all vegan B&B called Bed and Broccoli.  This successfully operated for close to 10 years and it was during the final years of the business and after relocating, kangaroos entered her life. A firm believer they chose them as their voice and friends, she closed the business to focus 100% on the needs of this unique Australian native animal.

Whilst raising orphaned joeys for release back into the wild, Nikki realised this was not enough.
Her released kangaroos would then face their greatest danger; human apathy and ignorance.

Nikki believes advocacy and education is equally as important as taking kangaroos into care and has dedicated her life to this cause.

Scott Medwell

Director and Co-Founder

Scott grew up on country properties, so whilst helping with the raising and rehabilitation of kangaroos in care at RBWS he is also the resident handyman or as otherwise known; The Captain.

Acting quietly behind the scenes Scott protects and cares for kangaroos with a deep kindness that extends to the building and creation of many wonderful custom made and designed rehabilitation pens, gates and the gentle relocation of the larger wounded patients.

Holding down a fulltime job to keep the shelter afloat and to ensure the kangaroos have everything they need, he continues working to assist the kangaroos in care and in this region every day in his free time.

Scott is an enabler; ideas that are blueprints quickly come to fruition when picks up the project.