How to Support Us

Paying It Forward.

Affecting change doesn’t take much. Every person can help to make this world a better place for our kangaroos by paying it forward.

But what is the concept of paying it forward all about?

What does it mean to pay something forward?

The idea behind paying it forward is whenever you benefit from a good deed, you let others participate by doing a (random) good deed, instead of repaying the benefactor. However, you don’t necessarily have to wait until someone does you a good deed. You can also be the one who starts paying it forward, the one who sets it all in motion.

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” ~ Winston S. Churchill

Even small acts count. It doesn’t matter how much you give. All that matters is that you are willing to give and to spread the word.

Red Box Wildlife Shelter (RBWS) does not receive any Government funding and relies solely on the generous donations of people like you. Every dollar counts and goes directly to caring for orphaned joeys and other kangaroos who require protection and care.

Nikki and Scott provide a very high standard of care for all the joeys and kangaroos who arrive at RBWS needing help.

With a large area fenced off from the forest, which can be split in to 4 separate yards with further fencing and gates, there is plenty of room for kangaroos to have their personal space whilst convalescing. Each yard has its own specially designed hut built to provide ‘out of weather’ care; one with a solar powered heating unit for those Elder kangaroos who come in to care. Two of the yards have a further enclosed fence around the hut allowing for ICU care. Kangaroos can be monitored 24/7 in each hut by CCTV.

With daily hut and yard cleaning and weekly maintenance, RBWS strives to ensure the best possible accommodation for all their patients. All of this special care is reliant on the generosity of people who desire to make a difference to our iconic kangaroos; and who live by the Pay it Forward values.

Ways to support Red Box Wildlife Shelter

Set up a Pay It Forward automatic debit payment 

By donating just $2 a week you can support RBWS to meet the ever-increasing cost of ongoing rehabilitation and caring for our beautiful Eastern Grey kangaroos as they come in to care. Your donation will go directly to funding vital food, medicine and treatment required to provide the best level of care. Payments will be debited weekly and you can cancel at any time.

Contribute to the Monthly Wish List

We cannot possibly achieve our goal to provide free veterinary care to wildlife and their rescuers, carers and shelters without help from our friends and supporters. We are frequently in need of items to keep the clinic and storeroom stocked. You can purchase and donate an item to send to us or donate funds for us to purchase it.     

Donate to the ARK Program (Act of Random Kindness)

For a one off donation of $50 you can support an injured or sick kangaroo during their initial intensive period of care.

Red Box Wildlife Shelter is dedicated to giving all kangaroos who come into their care a chance to heal and rehabilitate.

The first few days or week of a sick/injured kangaroo’s care is usually very labour intensive and costly. They are often critically ill and require stabilisation, emergency treatment and numerous veterinary investigations. While many kangaroos do go on to recover; some unfortunately succumb to their injuries or illness.

This program gives you the opportunity to support a critically ill kangaroo during the initial stages of their care with a one off donation of $50. This $50 will go towards the cost of vital medical treatment, which may include:

  • Anaesthetic agents
  • Pathology tests
  • Intravenous/subcutaneous fluids
  • Sedatives
  • Antibiotics
  • Anti-inflammatories
  • Analgesics – pain killers
  • Other medications to support resuscitation and stabilisation
  • Bandages
  • Dressings
  • Solution to irrigate wounds
  • Ointments
  • Mite and worm treatments.
Benefits to you:

The greatest benefit for you is the opportunity to be directly involved – by proxy – in the care of our sick and injured kangaroos; knowing your donation gives them the very best opportunity to recover and to return to the wild.

For your $50 donation to the ARK Program you will also receive a personalised Certificate of Appreciation by email in PDF format so you can print out and frame!

Donate to the Great Man Pa’s Acute Care Program

For $50 a month you can sponsor an injured kangaroo during their acute episode of care. This would normally be around 1-2 months, but can extend up to 6 months depending on the care and treatment required.

Sponsor a Joey in Mr Boo’s Joey Sponsorship Program

For $20 a month you can sponsor one of our orphaned joeys and give them a second chance at life.

Payments will be debited monthly and you can cancel at any time.

Ask for donations to RBWS instead of gifts

Many people wonder how they can do something good without having to spend money. By asking people to donate to Red Box Wildlife Shelter instead of buying you a birthday, Christmas, wedding, anniversary or any other kind of gift, you can do a good deed without having to spend anything. 

PLEASE NOTE that RBWS does not currently have DGR status.