Mr Boo's Joey Sponsorship Program

Mr Boo’s Legacy

Mr Boo was where it all began …

Who would have thought one kangaroo could change everything!

Several years ago Nikki and Scott Medwell moved to a 60-acre bush property in Elphinstone, Victoria. From the first day, they were greeted by the resident kangaroo mob. “We need to learn about kangaroos,” Nikki remarked to her husband that day. And so the journey began.

Soon after moving in, they found themselves caring for their very first orphaned joey named Mr Boo. Mr Boo had been found standing next to his mother’s lifeless body. She had been shot and killed and little Boo who was less than 2kg at the time was left helpless and alone.

After many months of care, the time finally came for Mr Boo to go from a soft release to being fully released to be with the local, wild mob who had adopted him as one of their own. Mr Boo has since made his initial stomping ground home. Here he leads a small mob of hand raised kangaroos from care to true freedom whilst visiting Scott and Nikki on occasion.

He has never forgotten those who loved, raised and cared for him.

How to Support Mr Boo's Joey Sponsorship Program

Make a difference in the world and give our joeys a second chance at life by sponsoring one in need.

Depending on their size and physical condition, it can take up to 2 years to raise an orphaned joey to the stage where they can be soft released and eventually fully released into the RBWS forest where they will integrate into the resident mob.

They will continue to return twice a day, for their bottles of specialised formula, until they self-wean. Supplement feed is offered until the young ones locate a reliable natural food source and water.

Your monthly donations provide the ongoing care and supplies your joey needs to grow and thrive:

• special kangaroo formula
• colostrum
• bottles and teats
• oaten hay and hard feed
• bedding and pouches
• any medications your joey may need

This monthly sponsorship program is in it for the long haul; however, you can opt out whenever you choose.

Investment: $20 per month*

Benefits to you

The greatest benefit for you is the opportunity to be directly involved – by proxy – in the care of our orphaned joeys.

Red Box Wildlife Shelter is a no public admission shelter, however, with your sponsorship you will play a significant part in supporting our iconic kangaroos to be free and to live without fear of persecution, exploitation and displacement.

The Mr Boo’s Joey Sponsorship Program allows you to choose your joey, and in exchange for your sponsorship, you will receive:
  • a personalised Sponsorship Certificate by email in PDF format so you can print out and frame
  • the story of how your joey came in to care at the Red Box Wildlife Shelter
  • A pdf of Mr Boo’s full bio
  • an information pamphlet about the Red Box Wildlife Shelter
  • a RBWS bookmark
  • a Mr Boo postcard
  • monthly email updates and photo of your joey as they grow and thrive!

*PLEASE NOTE that RBWS does not currently have DGR status.

Here are the joeys currently available for sponsorship


Ascot arrived at RBWS on the 4th September 2023. His mum was hit and killed by a vehicle in the Bendigo area. The driver didn’t stop to render assistance …. they just kept driving. Little Ascot took some of the impact and judging by his cuts and abrasions was possibly catapulted out of the pouch. He had one particularly nasty open wound on his foot which was treated and dressed. He has required regular medications, injections and dressing changes, but is starting to heal well. Ascot is a dear little boy who has a beautiful loving nature and has quickly stolen a piece of all of our hearts in the short time he has been with us.


Delta came into care as a pouch joey on the 31st December 2024 with his mum Lady Mae, and his older sister Cordelia. This beautiful little family had been living on a member of the public’s front lawn for some time and their human friends were concerned about mum, who didn’t seem quite herself.

A few days after arrival his mum passed into the Dreamtime; and a couple of days later, before his older sister Cordelia could jump the fence and take off, we released her into the Red Box forest to be with the wild mob.

Suddenly little Delta’s life had changed irrevocably; and gradually, after a period of mourning, he settled into care and has since become a vibrant member of the mini-mob.


Ms Ella arrived May 2023. Safe in mum’s pouch her mother was simply moving across her land when once again, human intervention separated mother from child. Does the greedy human really think grass belongs to them? Erecting an extra high fence to keep “their” grass safe, Ella’s mum tried her best to jump it whilst carrying her baby. She miscalculated and upon landing broke her back. Mum was given an assisted passage into her Dreamtime. Here, her daughter Ella will be given as much love as we can offer and hopefully when she leaves to join her kin one day she will be overflowing with it and it will hold her in good stead.

Ella’s soft release at RBWS commenced in April 2024 🙂 


Louie came to RBWS on the 9th May 2023. It was a very cold morning and a kind human was in the bush collecting firewood when he found Louie running around with no mum or family in sight. At first, he thought mum must be close by and Louie was playing; but as he packed up to leave Louie started to follow him to the car. This very kind man took off his jacket to create a pouch and held it out to Louie. Louie immediately rolled in and snuggled down. He was looking for help and found it. Louie was collected by a local wildlife rescuer and transported here. Louie was a tiny 2.3kg joey; and after a bottle he snuggled down into his new pouch. Safe and warm he fell sound asleep, knowing he was in good hands.

Louie’s soft release at RBWS commenced in April 2024 🙂 


Mary came in to care as a little pinkie. Pinkies are very young joeys who are not yet developed and without fur. They cannot survive on their own. Pinkies need specialised around the clock care and are usually cared for by wildlife carers who specialise in pinkies. Mary was transferred to RBWS for ongoing care along with Annie on 26th February 2023. Mary was found by a member of the public on a walking track all by herself. We think something may have frightened her mum, who dropped her from the pouch as she took off in fear for her own life.

Mary’s soft release at RBWS commenced in April 2024 🙂 


Newt came into care on the 20th July after being found hanging in a fence by a member of the public; who freed him, then took him home and kept him for 5 days. His tendons were severely compromised causing the ends of his feet to curl underneath themselves and then locking in that position.  He initially needed splints to correct this; and during this time wounds opened up on his legs, exposing the flesh under his fur where the wire had wrapped itself around them tightly. He now requires regular antibiotics, ointments, bandage changes and some occasional pain relief.  Little Newt is a dear little boy who is starting to enjoy hopping again and socialising with the other kangaroo people here at RBWS. 

Newt’s soft release at RBWS commenced in April 2024 🙂 


Dear little Pollyanna was born here at Red Box Wildlife Shelter. Born to Mumma Holly who tragically passed into the Dreamtime way too early following an acute illness at the end of September 2023. Weighing only 900 grams and still a little pinkie, Pollyanna has a long way to go before she will be big enough to release but we have promised Mumma Holly we will do everything we can to ensure Pollyanna has the opportunity to be with her brothers, sisters and extended family again.


Roodi was found in his dead mum’s pouch on Christmas day by a young couple on their way home. They reached out to a shelter, but the shelter was unable to take him, so they kept him for a few days under the supervision of the shelter operator. A few days later, on the 30th December 2023, Roodi was brought into care at Red Box.

He is a curious little man with a strong personality; and has settled into the mini mini-mob of young joeys really well. He is a real snuggler and is starting to show his adventurous side.

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