Roo Stories...

Milly Nov 2020

Meet "Milly Moo"

Milly Moo was only 980grams when a rescuer removed her from her dead mothers pouch. Laying on the side of the road, wondering why her mum wasn’t moving she poked her little head out where she was greeted by waiting crows. With soft and barely developed ears, they were easily torn off by the hungry birds. She popped her little head back into the safety of mum’s pouch.

After being lovingly raised by another carer for a few months, she arrived at Red Box Wildlife Shelter to continue her growth into a healthy young lady ready for release.
She settled in well and although a loner at the start, made friends with the other joeys and enjoyed doing “roo zoomies” around the backyard with them.

She still loves her pouch and rolling in for naps and grabbing hold of her dummy.
Her half ear does not impede her in any way and both ears still work like radar dishes and independent to one another. When she sees me outside, she bounds over with excitement for a tummy tickle. We feel blessed to have such a sweetie in our midst.

The courageous "Ginger"

Ginger was a surprise.

Looking out the kitchen window Nikki noticed a tiny joey standing waist deep in the lake. Thinking it was one of the forest does baby that had got separated, she casually walked out with a pouch, called to her and she simply rolled in.

Wandering through the forest looking for the perceived mother, she called out that someone had left their kid behind. As the does looked up from their grazing she realised they all had their babies. So who did Ginger belong too?

For about a week Ginger was hung on a fence in a pouch waiting to see if mum would return. She never did so Ginger came into full time care where she bonded with another young joey named Finn. These two are inseparable and are always cuddling or sleeping next to one another.

Ginger is currently going through a soft release. Taking her time and using the house as her safety base, she heads off with the wild mob each day and each day spends longer and longer with them. One day she will simply stay out there with them.

Ginger Sept 2020
Finn July 2020

"Finn" and his journey

Finn was found hanging from a fence with his feet bound in wire after trying to follow his mother over. Some lovely people spotted Finn and worked hard to free him. His mother also fought fearing these people would harm her son. She did not let them take her son easily.

As Finn was unable to stand due to blood supply being cut off and nerve damage he was surrendered to Red Box Wildlife Shelter. His feet were stone cold so he was sedated and his feet placed on heat pads. One hour later a toe moved. And so began his road to recovery.

Every couple of days new “shoes” were made to help him stand. After months of rehabilitation and exercise to rebuild weakened muscles, Finn is now soft releasing  back into his mothers mob. Even after months in care he instinctively knew where to find them. Returning home for bottles and rest, Finn is currently moving between both worlds whilst he secures his place with his kin.